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Networking personal computers using wireless technology can appear daunting to the beginner. D.I.Y. Wireless explains in plain english what all of those blank boxes are about in your newly purchased wireless router or access point and places the knowhow to create simple wireless networks within the reach of any competent computer user. Its easy to DIY wireless network !

Among the subjects covered on this site we include tutorials on the most common wireless network configurations used in homes and small offices and a Basic Networking guide which provides an ideal starting point for those who are just beginning to jump into networking computers. We also touch on more advanced concepts such as creating a wireless bridge.

Its recommended that if you are creating your first wireless network that you start in the Basic Networking section. It will provide fundamental principles that will be of great benefit in the later tutorials on configuring your wireless network. If you find this site helpfull please dont hesitate to bookmark it for future reference.

Mainboard with PCI wireless card

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