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Installing a Wireless PC Card

PC Card Slot

A PC Card is a flat card about the size of a credit card and about 5mm thick that is generally used to add a peripheral device such as a wireless card, ethernet card or additional USB ports to a laptop computer. This card type was originally known as PCMCIA and was developed primarily as an interface used to increase the amount of available memory on early laptop computers. Although PCI to PC Card adapters are available their uptake has not been great and you would be hard pressed finding a desktop computer that has a PC Card slot.

PC Card Installation

Installation of a PC Card device is remarkably easy. Simply locate the PC Card slot on your computer and slide the card gently into it with the end with the little holes in it being the end that goes into the slot. As with USB devices the card has a top and a bottom side and the pin arrangement will prevent the card from being completely inserted into the slot if it is not the correct way up. When the card is inserted into the slot approximately 90% of the way it will feel slightly harder to push in. If the card is upside down it will stop at the 90% point and go no further. If you have inserted the card into your computer and it is not detected turn the card upside down and try again. Once the computer detects your new wireless adaptor you are ready to read on in the install drivers section.



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