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Handshaking - Handshaking refers to the signals that are transmitted between communications networks that establish a valid connection between two stations.

IEEE - The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. The IEEE sets standards for networking and ensures interoperability between systems of the same type.

IP Address- An IP address consists of four sets of numbers separated by a full stop, that identifies a unique network computer host or client.  It allows data messages intended for that computer to be delivered to the correct destination

ISP - (Internet Service Provider) An ISP is a business that allows individuals or businesses to connect to the internet.  Users log on to the internet using an account with an ISP.

ISP Gateway Address - The ISP Gateway Address is an IP address for the Internet Router,  This addres is usually only required when using a cable or DSL modem.

LAN - (Local Area Network) - A LAN is a group of computers and devices connected together in a relatively small area such as a house or an office.  Your home network is considered to ba a LAN.

MAC Address - (Media Access Control) - A MAC address is the hardware address of a network device.

NAT - (Network Address Translation) - NAT masks a LAN's group of IP addresses from an external network such as the internet, allowing a local network of computers to share a single ISP account.  This process allows all of the computers on your home network to use one routable IP address and allows access from any computer on your home network to the internet without the need to purchase more IP addresses from your ISP. 

PPP - (Point to Point Protocol) - PPP is a protocol for communication between computers using a serial interface, typically a computer connected to a server by a phone line.

PPPoE - (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet) - A method of secure data transmission using PPP over an ethernet connection.

Subnet Mask - A subnet mask is a set of four numbers similar to (and used in conjunction with) an IP address.  It is used to create IP address numbers used only within a particular network.

TCP/IP - (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) - This is the standard protocol for data transmission over the internet.

WAN - (Wide Area Network) - A system of LAN's connected together.  A network that connects computers located in seperate locations.  The internet is a Wide Area Network.

WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network.  A group of computers and other devices connected wirelessly in a small area.

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